Philip Powers    (Columbus Ohio USA)


Welcome to my corner of cyberspace

Where I left my heart...

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, no.  Actually it was a cold, snowy New Year's Eve just after the middle of the last century.  My mother was missing a good party, the doctor was missing a great party and my father was getting a $600 tax deduction!  I showed up just before 11:00 pm.  I didn't win the first Baby of the New Year prize. You can decide who was the happiest.

I grew up in Wichita, Kansas. (Please, no 'Wizard of OZ' jokes! I’ve heard them all.)  I had a fairly normal childhood, as much as one can living on very flat land and not much surface water.  I did learn to water ski at a very early age and swimming lessons were an every summer thing (even life guarding during college).  I now love the water: oceans, lakes, anything with a tide and waves.  Swimming, snorkeling and just having fun in the wet stuff is my idea of having a good time.

A graduate from Wichita East High School, I played alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones in Concert Band, Marching Band, and Stage Band.  I have also played other woodwinds, percussion and keyboards, especially synthesizers. I also took Latin ("Latin is a dead language,dead as it can be, first it killed the Romans, now it's killing me.") and French (oui, c'est vrai), besides the usual academic fare of Math, Social Studies, English, Science, etc.  I also have taken up hand-drumming in the last few years and love a good drumming circle.

I attended Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas for two years (pre-med) and then transferred to Emporia State College (now, Emporia State University).  After a rather short stay to study improvisational jazz and electronic music, I returned home to Wichita and Wichita State University.  There I matriculated with a Bachelor of General Studies degree (that means I spent a lot of time in the library doing research and writing papers).

After College, I moved to Northern California for 4 years, while my then-spouse pursued her undergraduate degree.  Point Reyes National Seashore, the Novato Renaissance Fair, Napa Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey, San Francisco, Yosemite, along with L.A., and Disneyland were favorite destinations.  Gorgeous landscapes, nice people and mild climate were wonderful!  I really enjoyed living in CA, I think my heart is still there, somewhere close to San Francisco (with apologies to Mr. Bennett).

Then I moved to Columbus Ohio.  I have been here more than twenty-five years and it seems to have become home.  I have many good friends here and my career life here has been good.  I have learned a lot about computing and life in general here.

Probably the single most important thing I have learned in my life is that:

        The Only Constant in the Universe is Change..

Look for changes, they will always be there.  They just seem to move faster now, or is it that we as humans are just slowing down?  Stay tuned, more to come...